Dr Anette Bender, Secretary

Born 1959 in Mannheim (DE). Since 1982 living in Norway.  1985- 1993 studies of nutritional science and medicine in Oslo/ Norway. Since 1994 general practitioner. Since 2009 specialist in general medicine with special training in child- and adolescent psychiatry. Since 1995 working in private practice with general and anthroposophic medicine, 1999-2016 in addition with children’s preventive health care and as school doctor according to the Norwegian health program. Since 2007 member of the on call group for Oslo’s municipal ambulance for victims of sexual assaults. Since 2001 secretary of NLFAM (Norwegian Doctor’s Association for Anthroposophic Medicine). Since 2002 President of NLFAM. Since 2008 member of the IVAA council (secretary).  2003 co- founding of Nordic Network (Cooperation of anthroposophic doctors and therapists in Northern Europe).

Responsible webmaster of ivaa.info. 

Anette Bender, MD
Oscarsgate 12, N-0352 Oslo


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