Anthroposophic medicine and antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Rising antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major global health problem - Studies show the significant potential from anthroposophic and other integrative medicine approaches to safely reduce antimicrobial use. Find  IVAAs statement  here.

Have as well a look at the presentation prepared for the CAM Interest Group, European Parliament, Bruxelles 1April 2014 

In November 2015, on occasion of the "Antibiotics Awareness Day", the IVAA together with EUROCAM published the position paper

 The role of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in reducing the problem of antimicrobial resistance

Collaboration with CAM Stakeholders EUROCAM

MANIFESTO for the European Parliament Elections 2014

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

CAM - for a healthier Europe!

At a time when healthcare across the EU is facing a number of challenges, EUROCAM calls on candidate MEPs for the New European Parliament to support

  • WHO's call for greater integration of CAM into healthcare systems
  • better regulation of CAM products, practices and providers
  • greateriInvestment in researching CAM's risks and benefits

Read and download EUROCAM's Manifesto here

EUROCAM stand for a network of the entire CAM sector in the EU. Within the EUROCAM platform collaborate the CAM-medical doctors umbrella organizations allied in CAMDOC, the European Federation of Patients’ Associations for Anthroposophic Medicine EFPAM, the European Federation of Homeopathic Patients’ Associations EFHPA, the European Federation for Complementary and Alternative Medicine EFCAM for the nonmedical practitioners’ organizations and the producers of CAM medicinal products ECHAMP - the latter in a status of observers.

EUROCAM  strengthened its cooperation in the last two years, partly due to the demand of the EU institutions which are interested to be in contact with representatives of all organizations of the sector. The network adopted a set of principles about their cooperation which leave each member-organization the freedom to follow their own agenda and act together only in commonly agreed activities.

At the moment the growing coherence of the CAM sector contributes strongly to three major CAM activities at the EU level at present:

  • permanent dialog of the CAM organizations with the DG SANCO.
  • establishment of a CAM Interest Group in the European Parliament in this legislative period
  • prolitical CAM Conference in the EU 2012 together with DG SANCO under the heading “CAM – adding value to a healthy Europe”.

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