The legal situation of Anthroposophic Medicinal Product in Europe 2011

The legal situation of Anthroposophic Medicinal Product in Europe 2011

The legal situation of anthroposophic medicinal products in Europe (July 2012)

Anthroposophic medicinal products are on the market in certain EU member states under registration procedures that predate EU framework legislation for medicinal products for human use.

The EU Community Code relating to medicinal products for human use does not recognise AMP, whereas it does, for example, recognize homeopathic MP via special simplified registration procedures. This has far-reaching consequences for marketing authorisation and registration of AMP within the European Community. Only one third of AMPs – those manufactured in accordance with homeopathic pharmacopoeias - and another third of AMPs – those which meet the criteria for traditional medicinal herbal products (restricted however to oral or external use without indication) - can be registered under simplified registration procedures.

Under procedures of the Community code relating to medicinal products for human use, over 40 percent of AMP - encompassing the majority of AMP prescribed by doctors, with indications, and administered other than orally or externally - require market authorization similar to that for conventional pharmaceutical products. These procedures, however, do not take account of the special features and manufacturing methods of AMP, and are therefore not appropriate.

This was one of the reasons to initiate ESCAMP - European Scientific Cooperative on Anthroposophic Medicinal Products

"Anthroposophic use"

By means of the concept of “anthroposophic use”, the IVAA intends to pursue adequate legal recognition and regulations of Anthroposophic Medicine (AM) and Anthroposophic Medicinal Products (AMP) in the framework of national health systems and at in the EU legal frameworks.

IVAA supports and cooperates with initiatives out of the Anthroposophic Medicine stakeholders like

  • ESCAMP providing the scientific background for adequate registration procedures
  • integration of the AM into the Swiss health system as one model of best practice to regulate adequately AMPs,

the initiative ELIANT to address the unsatisfactory situation of AM and AMPs in the EU policies and legal developments

Legal comment concerning "Anthroposophic use": pmi Verlag AG, Rüdiger Zuck: „Anthroposophic Use“ 2008

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