VADEMECUM of Anthroposophic medicinal products

The “Vademecum of anthroposophic medicines”, now in the 3rd edition (Germany 2013) comprises 1543 indications for 559 anthroposophic medicines based on physicians’ clinical experiences. These findings have been closely inspected and checked in a review procedure, and numerous bibliographic references are given for each remedy. The volume arose, free of business interest conflicts, through independent collaboration between 210 anthroposophic doctors in 18 countries, with the aim of achieving an increasingly complete survey in this field. On the CD following the printed edition you will find 11.000 References.


The 1st English edition of the standard reference for prescribing anthroposophic medicines shows indications for over 400 anthroposophic medicines based on the clinical experience of 141 physicians in 15 countries worldwide All indications are subjected to rigorous peer review procedures as well as editing add additions by an editorial committee of clinical experts. The English edition includes indications as licensed/registered in Germany, and over 4,000 literature references The publication contains fundamentals of prescribing anthroposophic medicines: concept, pharmaceutical processes and principles of effectiveness, as well as practice-oriented indexes of indications and medicines

Medical colleagues are invited to participate by communicating his/her longer-term therapeutic findings and experiences with anthroposophic medicines, with suggestions relating to indication, expected efficacy, dosage and criteria for evaluating the success of treatment. Medical colleagues are likewise requested to pass on their experiences with medicine indications presented here, thereby either confirming or questioning indications that have already been published.


The Vademecum can be ordered online only.

Please use one of the following links to order the Vademecum:

Vademecum - Deutsch - 3rd edition - book and CD 2013

Vademecum - Deutsch - 3rd edition- PDF-publication (CD) 2013

Vademecum - English - 1st edition - PDF-publication (CD) 2009

Vademecum - French - 1st edition - book and CD 2012

Vademecum - Italian - 1st edition - Book

You can find more information and the feedback formulas in German and in English..


Extract: Vademecum - Deutsch - 2nd edition

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