Anthroposophic pharmacy (IAAP)

Pharmacists who are involved with the development, production and distribution of Anthroposophic Medicinal Products (AMP) are organized in the International Association of Anthroposophic Pharmacists (IAAP). 

Anthroposophic Medicine is an extension of conventional medicine and therefore uses conventional pharmaceutical products where appropriate. 
In addition there are used special anthroposophic medicines which are produced according to the anthroposophic understanding of the human being and its connection to nature. These medicines may include substances from minerals, plants or animals, prepared in different dilutions and for different routes of application, external, oral or parenteral. Some medicines are similar to herbal medicinal products, and some are prepared according to the guidelines of homeopathic pharmacopoeias. However, many AMPs are produced using specific pharmaceutical procedures according to the anthroposophic understanding of the human body. These procedures are spicified in the Anthroposophic Pharmaceutical Codex 3rd edition 2013.

Anthroposophic medicines therefore represent a unique entity of medicinal products.

For detailed information concerning AMPs, pharmaceutical procedures and further information please visit the IAAP website.

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