Anthroposophic medicine and antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Rising antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major global health problem - Studies show the significant potential from anthroposophic and other integrative medicine approaches to safely reduce antimicrobial use. Find  IVAAs statement  here.

Have as well a look at the presentation prepared for the CAM Interest Group, European Parliament, Bruxelles 1April 2014 

In November 2015, on occasion of the "Antibiotics Awareness Day", the IVAA together with EUROCAM published the position paper

 The role of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in reducing the problem of antimicrobial resistance


Anthroposophic Medicine, from its inception in 1920 to the present day, has been well able to develop worldwide , and has found increasing recognition both amongst the general public and in the academic world.

In 2011 the IVAA has 31 member organizations: in 16 EU member states (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden) as well as Norway and Switzerland, and in a further 13 countries worldwide (Argentinia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Georgia, Peru, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, USA). Anthroposophic doctors practise also in 6 further EU member states (Bulgaria, Eire, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania and Portugal) and in more than 30 further countries worldwide.

Today there are several thousand physicians who have completed a full curriculum and are certified in anthroposophic medicine (general practitioners and specialists). Most of them are members of the national associations of anthroposophic doctors which come under the umbrella of the IVAA.

In addition, it can be assumed, that anthroposophic medicinal products are prescribed by more than 15.000 physicians with different levels of training .The number of physicians in Europe with interest in anthroposophic medicine may even exceed 36.000.

For 2012 the outstanding figures for AM worldwide are:

  • In Europe AM is practiced by more than 2700 fully AM trained licensed medical doctors in 22 EU member states, Norway and Switzerland. In addition AM is prescribed by about 15.000 physicians with various levels of training (estimate, based on various data). Outside Europe work about 500 fully AM trained physicians and another 1.000 doctors with various levels of training, respectively.
  • In Europe AM is provided in 24 hospitals in 5 EU member states and Switzerland (14 of those have Accident&Emergency services, 2 of those are university teaching hospitals). Outside Europe there are still no fully working hospitals established. 
  • In Europe AM is provided in >120 outpatient centres (physician and at least 1 anthroposophic therapist) in 14 EU member states, Norway and Switzerland. Outside Europe another 60 outpatient centres are established.
  • In Europe anthroposophic therapies are provided by >7000 anthroposophic therapists (“classical anthroposophic therapies”) and nurses in 25 EU members, in Norway and Switzerland. Outside Europe another 700 therapists offer anthroposophic therapies. 
  • In Europe AM is provided in >500 institutes for people with learning difficulties in 19 EU member States, Norway and Switzerland with several thousands of anthroposophic social workers. Outside Europe more than 1000 anthroposophic socials professional are engaged in the work with people with learning difficulties.
  • In Europe AM is regularly taught at universities and medical schools in 7 EU member states and Switzerland (university chairs in Germany and Switzerland). Outside Europe regular AM teaching at universities is established in Brazil, Peru, The Philippines and in the United States.
  • In Europe AM-full training with certificate is provided for medical doctors in 7 EU member states and Switzerland. Outside Europe full training curricula in AM are established in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Peru, The Philippines and in the United States.

The data presented below are based mainly on questionnaires which the IVAA conducted within the councils of its member associations in 2009 with an update in 2011. Parts of the data from the 2009 questionnaire are published in the CAMDOC-Alliance joint publication “The regulatory status of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for medical doctors in Europe 2010” which is available as pdf-download on  and . 
In 2012 the survey was enlarged outside Europe by sending a questionnaire to the IVAA member associations worldwide. Data from IVAA members are missing only from Canada, Russia, South Africa and the Ukraine.

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