Quality Control in AM

High professional standards amongst anthroposophic professionals are achieved through profound training and a set of practice guidelines for anthroposophic physicians.
National medical licence requirements are the prerequisite for practising anthroposophic medicine as a physician. 
This basic training includes qualification as general practitioner or specialisation in any branch of medicine. In this respect the training of an anthroposophic physician does not differ from any conventional physician.   
In addition to this basic training at medical schools 
the special training in anthroposophic medicine consists of

  • theoretical courses over 2-3 years,
  • followed by periods of mentorship within institutions authorised by the national anthroposophic medical associations
  • and case presentations

The responsibility for training physicians lies with these national anthroposophic medical associations and the international community of anthroposophic physicians, which meets regularly. 
Anthroposophic medical practice may vary according to specific situations and working conditions in different EU member states. However, the international community of anthroposophic physicians has agreed minimal requirements for a high standard of medical services, which are summarised in “Guidelines for Good Professional Practice in Anthroposophic Medicine”.

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