Anthroposophic Medicinal Products (AMPs)

Anthroposophic medicinal products are conceived, developed and produced in accordance with the anthroposophic knowledge of humans and nature.

Anthroposophic medicinal products (AMPs) are products conceived, developed and produced in accordance with the anthroposophic knowledge of man, nature, substance and pharmaceutical processing. Anthroposophic pharmacy is as integrative as the anthroposophic therapeutic approach; that is, it is based on an understanding of the need to treat physical symptoms as well as to address life, spiritual and social elements of disease.

AMPs are designed to stimulate self-healing and reestablish equilibrium. For example, an imbalance may be observed from a tendency for inflammatory or infectious diseases or from a tendency for sclerotizing diseases such as in arthrosclerosis or osteoarthritis. AMPs are therefore meant not only to ameliorate particular symptoms of illness or injury but to help heal the functioning of different processes that contribute to overall health. 

Prepared from mineral, botanical, zoological or chemical origin, AMPs take into account the relation between the human being and nature through their common evolution. AMPs are prepared in accordance with the Anthroposophic Pharmaceutical Codex, using a variety of processes to extract or modify active substances from their starting material. 

AMPs have been demonstrated to be safe, and there is growing evidence that the anthroposophic medical approach, which can include prescription of AMPs, lowers use of anti-microbial medicines and thus could contribute to alleviating the problem of anti-microbial resistance

For more on AMPs and their preparation, see the International Association of Anthroposophic Pharmacists.