Anthroposophic medicine can add value to key medical challenges of today, including antimicrobial resistance and palliative care. But it must first be more widely available.


Anthroposophic medicine and other integrative approaches could play an important complementary role in meeting key medical challenges.

But to deliver on its promises, this system of treatment must be more widely recognised, available and integrated into national health systems. At the moment, only a few countries have taken steps to do this, and a part of the IVAA's mission is to advocate for the wider uptake of these valuable tools in health systems.

Below are the IVAA's policy recommendations for key issues in anthroposophic medicine, from clinical, regulatory and legal perspectives.

IVAA's Position on Antimicrobial Resistance

The IVAA recognises the critical role that anthroposophic medicine can plan in reducing the threat of antimicrobial resistance. We therefore call on policy makers to:

  1. Include anthroposophic medicine and other integrative approaches as promising options to reduce antibiotic use

  2. Prioritise and support research and other evaluation on such approaches, and ensure resulting knowledge is shared 

  3. Include anthroposophic and integrative approaches in public education on AMR

  4. Support the "One Health" to health, which acknowledges multiple sectors can impact upon public health, especially by adopting organic agricultural approaches to reduce antibiotic use in food production

IVAA's full position paper on antimicrobial resistance can be found here [pdf].

IVAA’s Position on Oncology

The IVAA believes that integrative approaches to cancer care can alleviate suffering and improve health outcomes. In particular, use of Viscum album extracts are a promising therapy. IVAA therefore calls on policy makers to:

  1. Encourage integration of anthroposophic therapies in cancer care

  2. Encourage more widespread use of Viscum album extract to improve quality of life during cancer care

  3. Support needed further clinical research into the efficacy of anthroposophic treatments in improving health outcomes in oncology

IVAA Position on Safety

The safety of Anthroposophic Medicinal Products (AMPs) and other therapies has been demonstrated by a number of studies. The IVAA therefore calls on policy makers to:

  1. Create an enabling policy environment for more widespread availability of AMPs

  2. Support further research into safety and efficacy of AMPs and other anthroposophic approaches