The International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations promotes the availability and integration of Anthroposophic Medicine in health care systems to improve health outcomes.
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Anthroposophic medical approaches can improve health outcomes, but must be more widely available to maximise their impact.
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The WHO has recognised the potential of complementary medicine, and citizens increasingly want it to be integrated into health systems. What do policy makers need to know?
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Welcome to the International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations (IVAA)

Looking for a doctor?​

Anthroposophic training expands conventional medical understanding by integrating physical, social and spiritual dimensions of health. Anthroposophic physicians address these elements in their practices, treating the whole individual. IVAA’s member organisations can help identify an anthroposophic doctor or care centre near you​.

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For policy makers

There is increasing demand for complementary medicine to be integrated into health systems. The World Health Organisation has acknowledged its potential contribution to health outcomes, and promotes its safe and effective use. To learn more about policies that can facilitate uptake of these therapeutic tools, click below.

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For physicians

Anthroposophic Medicine complements conventional medicine by stimulating the body’s self-healing and regenerative capacity. There is increasing clinical evidence of the efficacy of various anthroposophic therapeutic approaches to treating different forms of disease. Click below to access the latest research.

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A holistic, integrative model for patient care

Therapeutic Approach

Anthroposophic medicine integrates conventional medicine with a holistic concept of health that views a patient's biography, lifestyle, and psychological and spiritual well-being as factors in the development of a pathological condition.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Physicians practicing anthroposophic and other complementary therapies have been shown to effectively reduce the unnecessary prescription of antimicrobials that can lead to antimicrobial resistance, which has become a major public health crisis.

Cancer Treatment

Anthroposophic medicines – notably mistletoe extracts – can be used as complements for cancer treatment to improve patient outcomes, including by reducing fatigue and pain and increasing patient capacity to tolerate treatment.

Latest News


Commentary and thoughts on the latest issues in anthroposophic and integrative medicine from the IVAA.

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About IVAA

Learn more about the IVAA’s history, mission and key activities, as well as about our member anthroposophic associations.

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Further resources

Scientific research, background documents, and points of contact to find anthroposophic physicians or hospitals are added here.

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